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What documents do I need to submit?

The documents which you need to submit with your application will depend on the type of development proposed. They will need to show clearly and in sufficient detail:

  • your development proposals,
  • what the development will look like when it is finished, and
  • how it will relate to the site and to adjoining structures and property etc.

Your local planning authority can clarify any specific documents and details they may require. In general, however, you must always submit the following:

  • a completed planning application form,*
  • the relevant planning application fee,*
  • the page of the newspaper showing the notice,*
  • a copy of the erected site notice,*
  • six copies of the site location map* (at a scale of not less than 1:1000 in a built-up area and not less than 1:2500 in all other areas),
  • a plan showing where on the land the site notice has been erected,*
  • six copies of a site or layout plan (at a scale of not less than 1:500).* (All maps must be in metric scale. If the development applies to a protected structure or to the exterior of a structure within an Architectural Conservation Area, the application must be accompanied by photographs, plans and other details, which will show how the development will affect the character of the structure),
  • six copies of any other plans, elevations and sections,
  • ten copies where an application includes works to be carried out on a Protected Structure/Proposed Protected Structure, and
  • ten copies where an application is accompanied by an E.I.A.R. (Environmental Impact Assessment Report).

If the application is for outline permission only, the documents marked * in the above list must be submitted. This is to enable the planning authority to assess the siting, layout or other proposals for development in the application. Applications for a change of use should also include a statement of the existing use and of the proposed use with details of the nature and extent of the proposed use.