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All pages relating to business.

Business Information and Advice

Local authorities may provide information and advice to new or existing businesses on aspects of running a business such as starting up or expanding, commercial rates, planning and suitable locations and properties.

Business and Enterprise Initiatives

Local Enterprise Offices may run initiatives to support and promote business start-ups, expansion, promotion and training as part of their business development activities.

Trading Online Voucher Scheme Grant

Local Enterprise Offices may provide financial support to small businesses to help them trade online, develop their websites and develop digital marketing strategies.

Business Advice Clinics

Local Enterprise Offices may run one to one business advice clinics to help those who are thinking about starting a business or who have an existing business and need advice to grow their business.

Business Incentive Scheme Grant

Local authorities may provide financial support to new businesses which intend to set up in premises that have been vacant for a specified time.

Authorised Weighbridges

Local authorities may operate weighbridges where commercial goods vehicles can get a valid weigh docket to accompany a motor tax application.

Commercial Parking Permit

You can apply to the local authority for a permit to park on streets or in car parks in designated areas near your business.

Street Furniture Licence

You must apply to the local authority for a licence to place furniture such as tables and chairs on the public footpath outside your premises.