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Water and Waste Water Charges FAQs

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What is the timeline for remaining decisions regarding water charges?

During 2014, the CER is expected to publicly consult and make decisions on a number of issues,
domestic water charges tariff design and structure;
non-domestic water charges tariff structure and glide path;
Irish Water’s interim revenue requirement (2014 to mid-2016);
customer protection measures, including codes of practice; and
connection charging methodology.
The current timeline for the CER’s public consultations and decisions is:
Domestic tariff structure (part of water charges plan) – consultation underway
Non-domestic tariff structure and glidepath (part of water charges plan) – consultation underway
Water customer handbook – consultation underway
Water charges plan (including allowed revenue, tariff structures and levels, and connection charging methodology) – consultation
This paper will include draft decisions on the domestic tariff structure, non-domestic tariff structure and glidepath, and connection charging policy
Water Customer Handbook (decision)
Water Charges Plan (decision)