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Water and Waste Water Charges FAQs

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Why do we need to pay for water?

Water and wastewater services are expensive and require increased infrastructural investment after years of under investment. The current funding situation, with only approximately 15% of costs borne directly by users, is unsustainable.
The public water system requires urgent and increased investment. 23,500 people are on boil water notices. 40% of our water supply is lost on leakage. 16% of our water supplies are at risk, affecting over 1 million people.
One-third of secondary waste water treatment plants had inadequate effluent standards in 2012.
There is virtually no spare supply capacity in Dublin. With increased investment, these issues can be addressed.
In order to secure extra investment in water services (to improve water quality, tackle pollution and address leakage), the Government is applying the user pays principle to water services. Those who use water will pay for it directly.