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Setting the Scene for Going Green’ Draft Tipperary Climate Action Plan 2024 - 2029

The National Climate Action Plan 2023 (CAP 2023) sets out how Ireland can accelerate the climate actions that are required to respond to the climate crisis, putting climate solutions at the centre of Ireland’s social and economic development.  

Tipperary County Council is required to prepare a Tipperary County Council Climate Action Plan (LACAP), specifying the adaptation and mitigation measures to be adopted by the Local Authority.

The Draft Tipperary County Council Climate Action Plan 2024 - 2029 (LACAP) outlines the main climate risks facing Tipperary and the current levels of greenhouse gas emissions of the Council and of the county. The LACAP sets out 100 Council climate actions including the Council’s commitment to achieving its own emissions reductions (51%) and energy efficiency (50%) targets. Action delivery will mainstream climate action across Council services, and support a collaborative move towards community and sectoral emissions reductions, biodiversity enhancement and climate action. Climate actions are grouped under five key themes:

• Governance and Leadership

• Built Environment and Transport

• Natural Environment and Green Infrastructure

• Communities: Resilience and Just Transition and Sustainability, and,

• Resource Management.

Click here to view the Draft Tipperary County Council Climate Action Plan 2024 – 2029


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