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Petroleum Vapour Emissions Regulations Enforcement

Local authorities regulate emissions from fuel tankers, storage tanks and fuel pumps in petrol stations.

Petroleum Vapour Regulations

The Air Pollution Act, 1987 (Petroleum Vapour Emissions) Regulations, 1997 (S.I. No. 375 of 1997)

If you are the owner\operator of a petrol filling station in County Tipperary with an annual throughput of more than 100m3 per year you are legally required to obtain a Certificate of Testing from Tipperary County Council as set out in the Petroleum Vapour Emissions Regulations 1997.

  • The above regulations introduce controls on petroleum vapour emissions resulting from the storage and distribution of petrol which is intended for use as fuel for motor vehicles.
  • Service Station owner/operators are obliged to ensure that their facility is designed and operated in accordance of the third Schedule of these Regulations.
  • The third schedule of SI 375 of 1997 outlines the requirements for loading and storage at terminals and service stations where the intermediate storage of vapours is carried out.
  • Under the above regulations all petrol station owners are required to engage the services of a independent approved assessor to carry out an assessment of the Vapour Recovery system at the service station.

Following completion of the assessment, the report along with €63.50 is forwarded to the Local Authority. A certificate in accordance with section 13(1) of the Petroleum Vapour Emissions Regulations, 1997 (S.I. No. 375 of 1997) is then issued to the service station owner/manager for a period of 3 years maximum.

Owners\Operators can download application form and guidance document below:

For further queries on the Petroleum Vapour Emissions Regs contact:
Tipperary County Council -Civic Offices, Clonmel and Civic Offices, Nenagh, Co. Tipperary t 0818 06 5000

Peteroleum Vapour Emissions Regs 1997