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Community Environment Action Fund

Local authorities may provide financial support to community groups, schools and environmental non governmental organisations to carry out small environmental projects to promote sustainable development.

Community Environmental Fund (LA Agenda 21)

Tipperary County Council’s Community Environment Action Fund (formerly Local Agenda 21)

The Community Environment Action Fund promotes sustainable development by assisting small-scale sustainable development environmental projects at local level. Projects focus on environmental awareness and actions which compliment national environmental policies such as those on waste, biodiversity, water conservation and climate change. A wide variety of projects have been supported in previous years, such as community gardens and allotments, compost schemes, rainwater harvesting, biodiversity projects, education initiatives.

The projects involve partnership arrangements between local authorities and various local groups including community groups, tidy towns, mens sheds resource centres and schools.

You can view lists of previously funded projects at

No funding details have been received for 2022 (last updated 7th July 2022). .