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Waste Disposal Site Fee Payment

You must pay a fee if you dispose of domestic or commercial waste in a local authority landfill or civic amenity site.

Ballaghveny Landfill

Ballaghveny landfill is owned and operated by Tipperary County Council. On Monday 20th of September 2021 the landfill reopens to accept non-hazardous waste. The facility is licensed by the Environmental Protection Agency to accept non-hazardous municipal and construction and demolition wastes.

The landfill will accept waste from pre-approved commercial contractors only, and the landfill will not accept waste from the general public.

There are three built cells still empty at the time of reopening and it is not possible to carry out the final closure and restoration of the site until these cells are filled. The volume of empty space within the cells is calculated to be 225,000m3 and it is currently estimated it will take at least six years to fill this space with waste.

Once the empty cells are full the acceptance of waste will cease and the filled cells will be capped in accordance with the conditions of the facilities waste licence.

For any queries please contact the customer service desk at telephone 0818 06 5000 or emailĀ