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Commercial Vehicle Motor Tax

Owners of commercial vehicles which are being taxed for the first time must tax their vehicle with the local authority.

Related Information

Heavy Goods/Commercial Vehicles

Heavy goods vehicles are vehicles exceeding 3500kg Design Gross Vehicle Weight. For first taxation of a heavy goods vehicle in your name you need :

Light Goods/Commercial Vehicles

The requirements for the first time taxing of a goods vehicle not exceeding 3,500kg design gross vehicle weight (DGVW).

All supporting documentation must be in the name of the registered owner. In the event of any differences, connectivity must be established to the satisfaction of the Licencing Authority.

Taxis & Hackneys,Limousines, Large Public Service vehicles, Youth & Community Buses, School Buses

The application forms as itemised under Private Vehicles and Goods Vehicles are also the forms to be used for taxing these categories of vehicles. The following additional documentation is required:- T

AXIS, HACKNEYS AND LIMOUSINES: Current Small Public Service Vehicle Licence issued by the National Transport Authority. 

LARGE PUBLIC SERVICE VEHICLES:- Current LPSV Licence together with current Certificate of Roadworthiness (where a vehicle is one year old or more from the date it was first registered).