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Financial Reports

Local authorities may provide reports and information on their finances to government departments and other agencies.

Publication Of Purchase Orders Greater Than €10,000,000

Details of procurement in Tipperary County Council worth over €10 million.

Procurements in Tipperary County Council worth over €10 million will be published here, pursuant to the requirements of the Public Spending Code.


No procurement contracts over €10 million were awarded in 2022.

Publication Of Purchase Orders Greater Than €20,000

Tipperary County Council are required to publish data on a quarterly basis relating to purchase orders paid with a value greater than or equal to €20,000. Click on reports below to view this data.

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Public Spending Code QA Report

The Annual Quality Assurance Report sets out Tipperary County Council's approach to completing the Quality Assurance requirements as set out in the Public Spending Code.
It is based on the best financial, organisational and performance related information available across the various areas of responsibility.

Joe MacGrath
Chief Executive
Tipperary County Council